“Word-of-Mouth” Impacting Your Brand Equity

Posted on April 16th, 2023.

Building a strong brand through innovative vehicles is a must. A strong brand is critical to success and sustainability. A strong brand trumps competition allows for premium pricing provides a competitive advantage and points of differences, and creates a loyal customer base (brand ambassadors). The ambassadors, one of many ways to build a strong brand, can be a major driving force for face-to-face conversations and word-of-mouth, which are important if you want to survive, be social and generate positive conversations in the ever-changing e-business world impacted by social media. Just think about Apple’s loyal consumers. They talk about the brand 24-7. Recent research finds that 90% of word-of-mouth conversations about brands take place offline; primarily face-to-face, in people’s homes, offices, in restaurants and stores; anywhere people convene. These face-to-face conversations bring greater credibility due to the brand ambassadors passionately expressing their experiences. Your loyal consumers are fervent about the brand and they will have a greater desire to share with others. Therefore they have a greater likelihood to purchase the products being discussed, and I believe a strong brand is imperative. Consumers can make or break your brand. Example: The Mayo Clinic brand is built through word-of-mouth from consumers that experienced the brand at its best. They tell others about the brand meeting or exceeding their expectations.

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