From healthcare to education, the COVID-19 pandemic has fast-tracked the digital marketing presence for every industry. With more and more people working from home and participating in digital learning, internet usage increased by 70%. Since more consumers have shifted to using digital methods in their everyday routines, businesses must […]


  Video Revolutionizing The Marketing World Video marketing is the use of video to raise awareness, create engagement, and drive sales. It’s a part of digital marketing, albeit a massive one, and overlaps with content marketing. Video marketing is now so widespread that it’s a must-have skill for all marketers. […]

Video Revolutionizing The Marketing World.

E-Commerce is on the rise, and it is impressive. E-Commerce delivers the information, products, services, and payments by telephone, computer, or other automated media. The technology is used in chain supply management, transfer of funds electronically; mobile commerce, processing of online transactions, marketing through the internet, the management inventory systems, […]

E-Commerce is on the rise, and it is impressive!

  Eighty-four percent of Millennials say that they don’t like traditional advertising. Millennials don’t trust traditional advertising either. If you want to drive Millennial sales, you have to earn Millennial trust that is not an option with traditional advertising. Instead, brands need to leverage other channels to foster consumer trust. […]

Strategies to Market Millennials

SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS FOR 2021 AND BEYOND                 With so many people using social media these days, it has become an integral part of people’s daily lives and routines. Some users are so addicted to it that their social media feeds are the first thing they check every morning. Given […]


  Some people call it stalking, others say our devices are tapped and “they’re” listening. I say our marketing tools and technology have just gotten scary good. You know how you will be talking to a friend about True Religion jeans and your phone may be sitting there, then later […]

How phenomenal personalized messaging can help build your business!

  Also known as Gen Y, the only requirement to be a Millennial is age. There are varying interpretations, but Millennials are to be those born between 1981 and 1996. The term “Millennial” has become a code word for a certain type of young person. Millennials stereotypes are usually considered […]

Targeting Millennials with Digital Marketing

The introduction of new features and the change of algorithms on social platforms have a hand in the evolution of social media trends. For example, a few years ago only Snapchat was known for its disappearing, FOMO-inducing content. Today though, social media users have the option of using similar features […]


Customer loyalty has been a major and unanimously acknowledged as a valuable asset in competitive markets. As a result, it becomes more important to give power to in loyalty panel particularly when the consumers faces very low switching or moving cost to other product or service because they are not […]

Customer loyalty is very important to growing a business and ...

What is the importance of brand storytelling? The age of social media has become a great force in influencing consumers’ views of various brands, making online marketing more important now than ever. In fact, social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat have gained popularity due to their appeal […]

The Importance of brand storytelling