Posted on April 16th, 2023.

Traditional store formats may be on the decline, but innovative stores that offer great shopping experiences will continue to emerge. Technology can fuel the rise of brick & mortar retail. Since mobile applications and cloud-based solutions are enabling merchants to quickly set up shop with minimal investment, we will see more independent stores entering the market. While the internet has had a flattening effect on the industry, an outcome would result in the smallest retailer having tremendous opportunity to launch and thrive.

Due to the power of social media, advertising costs could not be lower. Independent entities can develop a following at a relatively low cost if they have a product or service that people are truly passionate about. Access to both software and hardware to empower selling is also cheaper because it enables small retailers to develop a bond and an understanding of what their customers want and demand. Therefore, this grants small retailers the opportunity and personal relationship experience to offer them a high level of product and service. Retailers that enable shoppers to build and customize their products down to the very last detail will prosper.

Modern consumers are placing a lot more value on experiences over physical items or commodities. Healthy and environment-friendly purchase decisions will be a focus for many consumers. The increasing role of mobile presents many important opportunities, most notably, the chance to leverage context awareness in consumer engagement. Mobile will play a much larger role this holiday season as the momentum is likely to carry forward into 2018.

Brands that have a compelling mobile presence will reap great benefits. Most consumers are looking forward to “a very mobile Christmas.” Because it is the busiest time of the year, the behavior of consumers will shift. For consumers seeking great gift ideas, they will be visiting new or infrequently trafficked sites. Our mobile smart devices are a constant companion in the shopping process. Mobile is designed for the consumer with the convenience of all personal and professional shopping tasks, to include advertising of brand products. Whether it’s for product research, checking prices, locating the nearest store, downloading a coupon or making a transaction, utilizing mobile technology to enhance the customer experience is moving from novelty to habit. With the assisted, powerful technology of omnichannel, the brick & mortar businesses can build deeper leverage in competing with mobile holiday shopping. They can expect an increased number of items in their stockings. 

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