Mobile Marketing! Is Your Brand Doing It?

Posted on April 16th, 2023.

What are we doing? Mobile Marketing Of Course! Right?

Marketing has changed from the traditional way of radio or television to social media. Over the years mobile devices and their functionality has increased making it easier to market ourselves, and for companies to market their products and services.

It has been life-changing! In a world where we live on our mobile devices, marketers are aware if they plan to have some level of success they must use social media that’s compatible with mobile devices. Mobile devices make it convenient and easy to view and purchase almost anything we need. Everything from household cleaners to home décor shopping. Your plan must always be mobile first.

Consumers are using smartphones and tablets as a way not only to communicate but to build their brand. Smartphones can be used almost anywhere in the world. Desktop use has declined and even older users who would normally use a desktop are savvier and has access to a mobile device. Even though some companies may still have brick-and-mortar retail they also offer an online experience.

Social Media Platforms And I influencers

We all have personal brands that we market 24/7. Such platforms such as Instagram which is heavily influential with influencers. They’re marketing what they can offer or often they have collaborated with another brand. Another one is YouTube with content that is used to influence and market to users. On each platform, the influencer will provide a link for viewers to be able to shop the items they have shared in their photos or video. Sometimes they provide a discount code. All of this can be done from a mobile device.

Mobile Devices And COVID

Mobile devices have made a huge impact on our lives. Prior to COVID-19 I often would use my mobile to view movies as I sat in the lobby of my doctor’s office waiting to be called. I was able to view almost anything I could watch on television on my phone or tablet. They especially became more convenient with the COVID-19 pandemic. Most people were home with no whole to do, therefore shopping online became more popular even with some that continued to visit brick and mortars. Smartphones became more important than before to stay connected with family, friends, and coworkers. Once vaccines were made available again our phones were used for contact tracing, locating, and scheduling vaccine appointments all from the comfort of your home or wherever your whereabouts were.

Meet The Consumers Where They Are

The future of mobile marketing shows no signs of slowing down. New smartphones continue to be upgraded to do more than before. Most of us have what could be an addiction to our mobile devices. Our lives are busier than ever and marketers know in order to keep up with people on the go versus being at home they must have that visibility and consumers have what they need at their fingertips. Sure, the dangers of hackers and information being stolen and shared are inevitable.

To younger mobile device users this is the only form of communication they know. This is how they bank, communicate, and figure out how to get directions. Essentially, every aspect of our lives is used with a mobile device. So companies know they have to continue to offer their services and products to consumers with mobile capabilities. Meet the consumers where they are.

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