Learn new skills while practicing social distancing with mobile marketing during a corona-virus pandemic.

Posted on April 16th, 2023.

Learn new skills while practicing social distancing with mobile marketing during a corona-virus pandemic. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has led companies across the globe asking employees to work from home and the practice of social distancing among everyone. In this uncertain environment, it’s important that learning continues. Best practices are to stay home and socialize online to limit contact amount people. Since 80% of the world is isolating themselves, it is necessary to spend this time productively and improve skills in whatever that person desires. A desktop or mobile device such as cell phone, smartphone, tablet, laptops and other mobile devices to engage in virtual Connections. Social distancing has us all going a little crazy with boredom, the time you save by not commuting might be what you need to learn a new skill and develop a new hobby. Using technology and social media can help those who want to develop many skills.

In Mobile Marketing there are tons of video tutorials, such as learning to speak a different language, play an instrument, also workout, relax and meditate to relieve stress to avoid the madness. Learning a skill can be easier to access whether you are stuck at home or mobile such as taking a walk with your smartphone/tablet to attend the event while practicing social distancing. Enhance your skill while working from home An increased sense of isolation just adds to the layers of complexity that result from nearly all of us now operating in a remote-work world. Many companies are quickly becoming mobile using remote type programs to allow the employee to gain access to the main server. Use this extra time to bolster your résumé and learn new skills that will help you become better at what you do. When you’re able to head back into work, you can leverage those new skills for a raise, a promotion, or even take on a new role, allowing you to truly make the most of this uncertain time. Join a virtual workshop.  During the quarantine, events that wouldn’t normally be available online are now being offered virtually. Large events are not only virtual but free to attend, Whether you at home on your desktop or mobile such as your smartphone and table. Which is making them available to you regardless of location or budget.

To make the most out of every virtual event, treat each one as you would if you were attending in person:

  • Connect with attendees before, during, and after
  • Post on social media using the event hashtag
  • Plan ahead to find the workshops and talks that are most valuable to you Virtual events are making connections available online with programs such as zoom or other virtual conferences. Learn a skill with webinars Webinars are a great way to learn skills in a short period. Being mobile, this way offers a real-time environment such as a classroom feel, which you can answer questions. Also, you can earn a new certificate; many organizations may offer these programs which can help you leverage your skills and help with promotions.
  • You can certify with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Facebook.
  • You can get certifications in project management, risk, routing, or design.
  • You can become a Certified Inside Sales Professional (CISP), Certified Sales Leadership Professional (CSLP), and much more When choosing a certification that works for you, check the credentials of the organization to ensure legitimacy. You can check with your boss to ensure accuracy. Share, learn, and get the work done so when you go back to your workplace, you’ll be ready to take your career to the next level. Share your skills You can make a how-to tips video to show people what you may have learned or what you know and share.

The majority of people are comfortable using their mobile devices such as smartphones and Tablets to create videos of talented or crafty skills to share with the virtual world. During this isolation period, people are talking to youtube to show off their skills. The Goal to get many people to view, there is no limit to what many can do to share their skills. If you are unsure what skills you can use a search engine such as Google, to see what is trending to your desire. Many advertisements are encouraging people to learn a skill for free whether you are mobile or not. Consider taking a free digital course. It’s easier than ever to further your education and career skills with the millions of courses at your fingertips, such as skill shared sites and much more. With COVID-19 keeping you home, now you have the time to dedicate to starting and completing a course. Some course sites are now offering discounts to make learning available to everyone in quarantine. The skill you choose to learn will be subjective and one that serves your purpose.

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