Going into 2019 Omni-Channel Marketing Will Take Over

Posted on April 16th, 2023.

Omni-channel has become the top marketing strategy, providing customers with an integrated customer experience. We live in a digital world and we have to use every platform we have to offer to our advantage. Sometimes you don’t want to have to get out of your comfort and go to a store, look around for hours, communicate with humans and risk walking out of the store unsatisfied and completely empty-handed, am I right? Today companies are using the Omni-channel technique, which is a multichannel sales approach that offers customers to shop online from a desktop, tablet, mobile device, or in a brick-and-mortar store; providing customers with a seamless experience. You don’t want to psychically go to a store and find a cute pair of heels to go with the dress you’ve been dying to wear, that’s fine, just go to the company’s online website or mobile app, and get your new pair of heels sent right to your house or you can even pick them up, whatever option benefits you the most.

The Omni-channel approach is just giving customers the ability to engage with a company and access products and services in a physical retail store, over the phone, on an online website or mobile app, through a catalog, or through social media. Google reported that Omni-channel shoppers have a 30% + higher lifetime value, meaning developing and keeping an Omni-channel approach is imperative. For example, Jenney decided to invest in Omni-channel technologies after disappointing comparable store sales over the 2016 holiday season; the company’s second quarter 2016 grew by 1.5%, to $2.9 billion, while comparable sales increased 2.2% year over year during the quarter and 6.3% from levels two years ago.

The Omni-channel approach helped bring JCPenney $1.2 billion in incremental sales in 2017, offering a new mobile app, mobile POS, buy-online, and pick-up-in-store (BOPUS). Soon companies will have to maximize Omni-channel marketing to endorse

an exceptional seamless and exceptional consumer experience because the development of e-commerce is expected to grow from$760 billion in 2015 to $113 trillion by 2020. Mobile commerce will be a huge percentage of that future development and share, so companies have to make sure consumers have an incomparable shopping experience through all social media and mobile platforms. Whatever approach the customer chooses to take, the experience should be seamless, consistent and unified. @BJPartners bjpartnersllc.com

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