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Posted on April 16th, 2023.

Humanizing your Brand to build a lasting relationship and achieve loyalty by 1) Getting Personal, 2) Listening to your audience; Learn to Listen, and Listen to Learn, and 3) being unique. As we all know these days the standard marketing practices we have become accustomed to not work anymore. The brightly colored text and over-the-top commercials are just not cutting it these days. The consumer is starting to see through these gimmicks and the only way to truly start to build a lasting relationship with your customers is through humanizing your brand. How? It is probably your next question, well you’re in luck! Here are 3 ways to humanize your brand.

  1. Get Personal

The way to your customers’ sympathy is to share your brand’s challenges, failures, missteps, and frustrations. Allow them to truly know that behind the tag line and logo there are ordinary people just like them. When you produce heavily marketed and branded content, you end up sounding almost above the consumer and this is not what we want. We want to relate to the consumer, we want to let them know “Hey we’ve struggled in the past before and this is how? It should be just as personal as telling one of your friends about how you ended up where you were in life. Same concept except on a larger scale. If you’re wondering what sounds too branded ask yourself, “Do I care about this, would I want to share it with a friend?”

  1. Listen to your audience

The next way to humanizing your brand is to listen to your audience. Listening to your audience allows consumers to know that their opinion matters and that the brand is constantly wanting to improve on the service or product that is being offered. Listening is not just a humanizing tool it also serves as a great way to understand what your consumers think about you and your brand image. Everyone wants to feel heard and engaging with your consumers by listening and being receptive to what they have to say, will help build and support those who follow you.

  1. Be unique

Not every person is the same. So your brand should embrace the uniqueness of all those who work there, the brand should showcase the “quirks”. When people think of your brand they could easily relate to the things that make your brand stand out from the rest. It’s okay to have fun with your audience, there is no written law saying that brands have to be serious all the time. Be different, don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo by embracing who you are as a company.

In conclusion, it’s time for something real and authentic and using these ways to help humanize your brand will allow for more connection between you and your audience. Remember that it is easier than you think! Always think of your audience as a good friend and relay your story and what you want your brand to embody. If it is authentic it will strike a chord with your audience.

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