A Deep Dive Into Baby Boomers – Marketing 101!

Posted on April 16th, 2023.

According to the census, baby boomers were born between 1944 and 1964. They’re current between 55-75 years old, and in December 2019 there were nearly 76 million baby boomers. The baby boom began a social and cultural phenomenon. Baby boomers now account for most of the population. Aside from the fact that they make up for most of the population, how do baby boomers and marketing correlate? How do you market towards baby boomers in an era of ever-changing internet trends? How do we get baby boomers to buy and stay on-trend, and most importantly, in this era? We will discuss the answers to all of these questions in this blog. Baby boomers are a prime target audience for marketers.

Their number in the U.S. is estimated to be 75+ million. Aside from the sheer size of the boomer population, they are also affluent. Some estimates have them controlling 70% of the disposable income in the U.S. This is a great means for marketing. Marketing towards boomers is essential to staying afloat in the business. Some businesses thrive with their main consumer as a baby boomer. Now, doing marketing towards this generation is going to take some real thought. Baby boomers don’t want to see senseless ads. They have seen enough advertisements in their life to understand what they truly like. Marketers must understand that.

This means marketers must understand baby boomers’ demographics, psychographics, Geographic, and behavioral attributes. Marketers must focus on each of those attributes and specify their advertisements based on that. Once they do, they will see success in marketing towards baby boomers. The world is a different place than how boomers grew up. The internet is the main source of communication, and almost everyone owns a cellphone with high connections and speeds. The world is now like downtown New York City; always busy and getting new information daily. So, how do you market towards baby boomers in an era of ever-changing internet trends? Easy. Baby boomers need to be informed. Most of them are only aged 40 to 80; with access to these trends at their fingertips. Plus, baby boomers and seniors are very active on social networking sites such as Facebook. If marketers utilize the social networking sites boomers use the most, it’ll be easy to market towards them. Marketing towards baby boomers with Facebook ads, google ads, and television ads would be a good start. This doesn’t have to be the only way to market towards baby boomers. Baby boomers spend a great amount of time doing normal tasks such as drive, shop, and lounge around the house. This is a great means for marketers. Marketers can utilize the ways of traditional marketing to market towards boomers. Traditional marketing in these everyday tasks so they are more likely to buy. This could be marketing tools such as billboards on the highways they drive on, flyers in shops they shop in, and television advertisements on the tv. This would get boomers interested in your product or service that you’re trying to sell them. In this blog, we discussed how baby boomers correlate directly to marketing and how exactly to market towards baby boomers. Baby boomers are now becoming the eldest generation and they aren’t dying off any time soon. Baby boomers account for almost all of the income of the United States. Boomers make up for at least 20% of the American public. This means that baby boomers have a significant impact on the economy. As a result, boomers are often the focus of marketing campaigns and business plans. The key takeaways of this blog are to define baby boomers, how boomers and marketing correlate, how do you market towards boomers in an era of ever-changing trends, and how to get boomers to buy and stay on trend in this era. The answers to this are simple. Boomers are different from the stigma they uphold. Boomers need to be informed. They are active on social media sites such as Facebook. This is a great means for marketers.

Marketers can utilize the ways of social media and traditional marketing to market towards boomers. We will now discuss quick baby boomer facts to end this blog. Did you know? Today, baby boomers are reaching retirement age and face some key challenges, including funding their retirements, according to Investopedia. Investopedia states, “With more health and energy—and their children now adults—boomers who can afford it expect to spend at least early retirement fulfilling travel dreams and other bucket-list items. Those who reach retirement age now are often healthy enough to run marathons, build houses, and even start businesses.”

Baby boomers are changing and paving the way for different means of retirement. Such as, instead of going to retirement homes, they are wanting to stay employed and be in a community instead. Boomers have more investment choices; and less safe investment. Boomers have paved the way for old age and retirement. We believe that boomers have not only made the economy better but made society a better place. Other generations can now have a different life because of the baby boomer generation. The baby boomer generation is one to know much about. They are not dying off anytime soon and marketers should utilize this. Marketers should solely focus on boomers, instead of other generations. Baby boomers are very relevant in not only marketing means, but societal means. Marketers should understand boomers. After reading this blog, marketers should be knowledgeable on boomers and how to market towards them. Now, we will ask questions to end this blog. What are the boomers in your opinion? If your business has marketed towards boomers, how did you do this? What were the successes? What were the failures? In general, what is your aspect of boomers as marketers? We hope you comment down below on your insights. Baby boomers are very important in society today and we hope you learned much from our blog. We believe boomers are the future!

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