What is 5G? 5G is the next generation in technology that’s expected to change the way people live and work. It will be faster and able to handle more connected devices than the existing 4G LTE network, improvements that will enable a wave of new kinds of tech products. What […]

What is 5G?

  You’ve got a logo and even a slogan but that’s not a brand. Branding is much more than choosing a brand name and slapping few colors on a logo. Branding takes place at every touch point, every interaction with a customer and every time they think of your brand. […]

Building A Powerful Brand Identity

5G Network             5G is the biggest enhancement in wireless technology in a decade. The upgrade to 5G should generate demand for increased speed, software, and applications. In the United States in 2019, 5G accounted for 1% of all mobile subscriptions. In 2025, this number is expected to jump 74%. […]

5G Network

Marketing is all about reaching your consumers, and, chances are, your potential customers spend large portions of their days immersed in their mobile devices. Because of this, mobile marketing is essential for organizations looking to effectively gain exposure. Marketing practices are constantly growing and evolving based on industry trends. Mobile […]

Does Mobile Marketing Matter

Privacy and Your Brand
  Increasing use of the Internet has provided businesses with more ways than ever before to collect data about their customers and potential customers. As more people become aware of privacy issues, many companies are discovering the need to change the way they do business in order to satisfy their […]

PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY! for your consumers

  Whether you want to increase sales or increase brand awareness, video marketing and embracing video content is the way to go. Regardless of your industry, videos can do magic for your company. Statistics show video has one of the highest ROI compared to other kinds of content. Over 54% […]

Ways To Increase Revenue with Video Marketing

  5G is the fifth generation of cellular networking, beating 4G, or what’s known as LTE. 5G isn’t just a faster network, it establishes a true connection between all platforms. 5G will create physical changes; such as adding new antennas to established cell towers, utility poles, and smart buildings. These […]

5G The Newest Innovation

Video Marketing is a great tool to help promote any business and make it grow exponentially. Just as content is king or queen, video marketing is the most engaging form of content because it captures the attention of most people. We all know that people are very busy thus have […]

Video Marketing

  To build or to buy? – To buy or not to buy? That is the question when you realize the benefits of investing in the mobile space. Avoid an expensive headache by answering these important questions that will tell you whether to buy or build your mobile marketing platform. […]

Mobile Marketing: To build or to buy? – To buy ...

Humanizing your Brand to build a lasting relationship and achieve loyalty by 1) Getting Personal, 2) Listening to your audience; Learn to Listen, and Listen to Learn, and 3) being unique. As we all know these days the standard marketing practices we have become accustomed to not work anymore. The […]

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