How phenomenal personalized messaging can help build your business!


Some people call it stalking, others say our devices are tapped and “they’re” listening. I say our marketing tools and technology have just gotten scary good. You know how you will be talking to a friend about True Religion jeans and your phone may be sitting there, then later True Religion jeans on sale are popping up on your phone. Then you get home, and they are popping up on your computer?! This is called personalized messaging my friends, and if you want to grow your business, I suggest you take a walk with me onto the wild side.

            Personalized marketing is the implementation of a strategy by which companies deliver individualized content to recipients through data collection, analysis, and the use of automation technology. When we search something on one site and fill out information then we are inviting other sites and brands to enter our forcefield of the interweb. It is great for the targeted audience because they are actually getting to see things they want to see versus things that make entirely no sense to be something of interest to them. If I am a 40-year-old man who enjoys hunting, cowboy boots, and country music it probably wouldn’t make sense for Jordan to be advertising to me.

            Personalized messaging is so good because you can reach customers on an individual level rather than on a mass level. When something feels more sincere and personal it captures your attention more versus something that was clearly streamlined and sent to thousands of other people as well as you. This will help increase sales more if you just take the time to tailor each unique message to a specific target customer. As Word Stream said there are 5 steps to personalize your marketing get lots of data, generate customer personas, map out your content, create your personalized content, and personalize the whole experience. Something valid Hubbard says about personalizing the whole experience in this article was, this means different customer personas see different content, offers, and sales messages that carefully crafted to appeal to them specifically. This may mean tagging people inside the company CRM based on the content they have consumed and using that to tailor future web, email, and sales content to them. This is an intricate form of marketing, but it works and all it takes is some extra use of technology and digital marketing to help you out.