From healthcare to education, the COVID-19 pandemic has fast-tracked the digital marketing presence for every industry. With more and more people working from home and participating in digital learning, internet usage increased by 70%. Since more consumers have shifted to using digital methods in their everyday routines, businesses must find new ways for their marketing efforts to reach their target audience. BJ Partners has taken the consumer’s responses to COVID-19 and come up with some insights into what can be expected of the 2021 marketing trends.

For businesses operating during the pandemic, we have identified some digital marketing trends to ensure that you are able to engage and maintain current customers and create more traffic, leads, and revenue.


The first trend that you want to make sure you keep up with during the pandemic is social media. If your business was not on social media prior to COVID, it is essential that you create a social media presence NOW! This year be prepared to dedicate more time and resources to social media marketing than ever before. In the second fiscal quarter of 2020, 24% of total US marketing budgets were attributed to social media marketing. Since COVID has increased the amount of time people spend online, it is important for you to utilize social media to reach your customers. If the realm of social media is beyond your knowledge, or you are “social media illiterate”, marketers at BJ Partners are more than qualified to help you. We will create a social media content plan specific to your business, make regular posts, monitor and drive customer responses, and attract new customers to your brand.


Another trend we expect to take off this year is automated Google Ads. Automated bidding is not new, as it made its debut back in 2016, but we believe this year it will be better than before. Before 2016, marketers had to constantly adjust campaigns, keywords, and bids so that their clients could get more bang for their buck. The constant tweaking costs more time and money. With automated bidding though, Google can automate prior moves to adjust your bid in real-time. This new method saves time, money, and allows BJ Partners to provide a better outcome at a lower cost to you.


Everyone loves using a voice assistant, like, Siri, Alexa, or Google. We have all been there—you have a question, but you are too lazy to type (hey, we’re not judging—it’s quarantine). “Hey Siri” or “Alexa–” is probably the next words out of your mouth. But when other customers use voice assistance to search topics surrounding your business, are you easily found? You would hope the answer

to that question is yes, but sometimes it is not. If your answer was “no”, no worries, BJ Partners can help. Since voice search inquires often generate different results than a typed-based search, it is important for a businesses’ content to be specifically optimized for voice. Your content should be more direct and conversational so that it will accurately sync with search queries. Doing this will help you stay relevant and more visible to consumers and boost traffic. If this information is new to you, BJ Partners has your back!

While this is not a complete list of new-age marketing/digital marketing during COVID, they are a great place to start for your 2021 marketing strategy. These key trends can help improve your site traffic, create more leads, and grow sales. It is crucial to understand digital marketing trends and how they will help you grow your business. For more information, contact BJ Partners at (770) 743-4390.