Building A Powerful Brand Identity


You’ve got a logo and even a slogan but that’s not a brand. Branding is much more than choosing a brand name and slapping few colors on a logo. Branding takes place at every touch point, every interaction with a customer and every time they think of your brand. Ultimately branding is controlled by the customer while companies only get to influence how customers see you. So to help, here is a quick look on some of the key element on building a strong brand identity

  • Being responsive and consistent

    When an action is taken, it has to be carefully monitored and check customer’s responses. Then, you take their feedback and implement in to your brand strategy going forward.  By monitoring your audience response as you go, you can see what works well while consistently engage with them.
  • Create a brand strategy

    Branding is never truly done, overtime they change, evolve and develop. Branding is a daily process of bringing multiple aspects of your business and voice together and adjusting them to what the customer expect from you.

    (An example is all the evolution of the Pepsi brand)
  • Brand story

    This is about telling what your company stands for and getting the customers to stand behind the ideas of your business. Brand story is about telling what makes you so passionate of solving a particular issue.

  • Brand essence

    This mostly related to your business core value. What principle will shape your company culture? Think of what unique values you have and build them into your company’s culture from day one.
  • Brand differentiation

    Please don’t be lazy, don’t copy the strategies of another company, be creative, and come up with your own ideas. Originality is way more interesting and fun. It all comes back to finding your unique selling point and positioning your company on a way it can’t be replicated. So understand the best things you are good at and turn that into a message.

    Whether you are staring a new company or working on an existing one, you need time to build a strong branding strategy, to ensure that you have aligned your goals and brand voice into portraying your brand. At the end of the day, it is the customer who decide who we are. So ask them what they think. Your brand is never done being built.


    Pepsi logo history

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