4 Do’s and Don’ts for an Effective Video Marketing Strategy

4 Do’s and Don’ts for an Effective Video Marketing Strategy 

Whether you know it or not Video marketing is quickly becoming the number one marketing strategy for increasing revenue, gaining awareness and building a following. Knowing how to create an effective Video marketing strategy is essential for success in this area. Here are 4 do’s and don’ts for an effective Video marketing strategy.

DO: Know Your Audience 

The key to any marketing plan is knowing your audience, who are the people that you want to see is video? What do you want them to know? Without this understanding the video is likely to be lackluster at best. Get into the minds of those who are your target market. 

DONT: Overly Promote

“The way to market content without sounding like you’re marketing content is to not market content.” Dave Kerpen. As Kerpen suggests, the way to market content is not to at all. When making your video all about the product, or all about the service it is not going to engage people. To increase conversions your video should show or add value. Just imagine yourself coming across a video and there’s more than “Hey look at us! Buy our product today”. Your audience should take something from the video other than the branding, show that you genuinely care. 

DO: Have an Objective

Outside of knowing your target audience the most crucial thing is having an objective. It is true that video can increase revenue and brand awareness, however what specifically do you want to accomplish? Having an idea as to what you want to do will make the process easier and will create clarity.

DON’T: Make Your Expectations Too High

Implementing video marketing does help increase revenue amongst other things, however, consider it a long-term strategy. You hear small Brands blowing up because of one video going viral but those instances are few and far between. Keep your expectations realistic so you don’t get disappointed if you don’t instantly see a return. Stay focused on sustained growth over a set period.

In sum, these are things you can do to aid your video marketing journey. Remember to know your audience, stay focused on your objective and ultimately have fun. There is nothing written saying that this must be too serious. We can balance both worlds.