B & J Partners LLC, doing business as BJ Partners LLC, was founded in February 2004. We are a Woman and Minority Owned Business specializing in helping our clients strengthen their digital presence and build a strong brand, top of mind, by implementing a robust digital marketing strategy.

We believe that identifying gaps/marketing driven opportunities that deliver on the customer value propositions are critical for creating a strong and competitive global business. We help our customers identify unmet market driven opportunities and develop a sound strategy specific to their market(s), one that will allow them to identify a personality and positioning that is unique only to their products/services across traditional and social media channels.  This approach allows our clients to deliver a persona that their customers will find appealing.

BJ Partners is unique because the company focuses on four critical components for making your business successful; “Positioning The Brand To Achieve Your Dream”.

At BJ Partners we partner with our clients to develop and execute a well thought-out plan to achieve their inevitable course, Positioning the Brand to Achieve the business goals and objectives.

Our primary objectives are to help you profile your target utilizing demographic and psychographic data, identify market-driven opportunities and develop and implement a digital marketing strategy to establish a relationship and create  brand loyalty.